Group 85@2x

Hunar Se Shikhar

Mahatma Gandhi once stated that the position of women in society is an index of its civilization. “Train a man and you train an individual, train a woman and build a nation”.


The SHGs (Self Help Groups) are the major source of inspiration and self-reliance for women’s welfare. In an attempt to uplift the women, we are working towards making a significant number of Self Help Groups self-reliant by providing them with the required training, skilling, capacity building and a sustained marketplace. Thereby ensuring a sustainable livelihood from the women and making them self-reliant and financially independent.

Close to 100 women have been providing training in sectors such as handicrafts, handloom and bamboo.


In order to take care of other required interventions such as credit, design, raw material, packaging, marketing linkages too are being worked upon.