Women Empowerment

Several women empowerment programmes have been undertaken to make women self reliant and financially independent.
The objective of the workshops was as follows:


  • To create awareness and familiarize women about the critical issues paving as a barrier in their growth and were held in district Hamirpur, Una and Bilaspur
  • The workshops also aimed at acquainting them with means and measures as to how the gap can be bridged


We had a robust participation at each workshop and over 300 women at each location attended it. As a part of the workshop, a host of issues were addressed that women are faced with in daily lives, such as basic hygiene, financial dependence. They were also apprised about various State and Government of India programme that are specially aimed at empowering women and leading them towards self-reliance. This campaign was undertaken in association with JSW Group.

Helping Orphans
and widows​

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